Any cancellations must be called in at least 72 hours in advance. In the event of a cancellation prior to 72 hours your original deposit will not be refunded. If you cancel after 72 hours you will be responsible for 60% of the original amount. The driver has the right to terminate service for any form of physical or verbal abuse without refund. If a passenger gets sick in the bus, there will be a $100.00 per occurrence, clean-up fee charged to the client. If a passenger gets sick on the outside of the bus, a $50.00 clean-up fee will be charged to the client. In either case, service may be terminated immediately and without refund. Any lost, broken, or stolen equipment will result in a replacement fee. Vehicle must be left in the same condition as you began. All trash must be disposed of properly. Any fluids of any sort must be cleaned immediately. If these requirements are not met a $50.00 clean up fee will be charged. I have read the above statement and understand the contents.

Time Over:

The bus must return to its drop off point on the time scheduled. If you would like to add additional time you must sign the time extension forms located on the bus, 15 minutes before original end time. If customer goes over time by 15 minutes another hour at full price will be charged to the customer. Please inform driver if you wish to extend your time.

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